The fragrances date back to the time of the Egyptians who made the first perfumes. Today, the smell plays a very important role in our decision to buy cosmetic products and is not only relevant when acquiring perfumes or fragrances.

The SWISSBRAND FRAGRANCES are designed on the highest quality of European perfume standards. They are produced with the best essences, processed in a high order of concentration and macerated together with a refined raw material for prolonged periods in order to optimize the aromatic notes of the perfume, and thus obtain an authentic and distinctive aroma.

In this way, it is possible that the fragrances reach an intense exit note, a prolonged duration in the skin and a delicate background note, which guarantees the true bouquet of SWISSBRAND essence.

This category may include

  • Parfum

  • Eau de parfum

  • Eau de toilette

  • Eau de cologne

  • Eau fraiche

  • Splash

  • Body mist

Other licensing categories