A pet is another member of the family. It is the ideal companion at any time.

Tender, loyal, very affectionate and with their own personality, they occupy a very important place in the heart of those who share with them.

That love is paid in many ways. With pampering, games, hugs, but especially with the care they deserve.

The best accessories for your pet will help you pamper them and return that unconditional love. We always want our pets to feel protected, loved and happy. Achieving it is not complicated, just provide them with good attention, quality food and the best accessories.

The SWISSBRAND pet supplies are very useful for the house, walks, playtime, bath time, sleep or feeding time. There will always be the right accessory for your pet.

This category may include

  • Beds

  • Bowls & Feeders

  • Carriers

  • Clothes

  • Collars & Leashes

  • Harnesses

  • Grooming

  • Toys

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